Neena Kumar


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  • Psychologist
    New York

I’ve had an eclectic education that informs my work. After studying psychology in college I earned a Masters degree in Anthropology at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ). There I learned about the impact of culture and other systems on individuals and groups. I later completed a doctorate in Clinical Child Psychology at Pace University (New York, NY). I liked Pace for the 360 degree view we gained during training. We studied cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, learning disorders, and psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing. When I evaluate adults, children or families I run through all the options for understanding them — from their neuropsychological makeup (learning style) to their family history to their current symptoms — any and all of these can contribute to the current distress and inform the treatment plan.

Throughout my work and life I have frequently found that Eastern medicine, meditation, and breathing play a powerful role in aiding or curing mood disorders, anxiety, and mind-body issues. To aid my clients I have continued my education by studying Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and breathing techniques in the United States & in Kerela, India. In therapy I see many adults and children with digestive disorders. This has become an area of expertise.

In my early days of being a psychologist I worked in an analytic institute (Washington Square Institute in NYC), psychiatric hospitals (Interfaith Medical Center, Mount Sinai hospital), and schools (Pelham public schools, NYC Board of Education). However, for over ten years I have been exclusively in private practice. I see adults, children, and families and
draw on my cultural, biological, psychological and spiritual knowledge to individualize an approach for each client. Contact me for a consultation to learn more.