Julie Kolzet

Psychologist, Ph.D

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  • Psychologist
    New York


30 East 76th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10021
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I am a NYC based psychologist with a specialization in health psychology. I offer psychotherapy, consultations, evaluations, and mindfulness training for young adults, adults, seniors, and groups. When working with patients, I draw upon my understanding of evidence-based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to provide treatment that is well matched to an individual's goals and strengths. 

My theoretical approach is best described as cognitive-behavioral. What this approach means is that the focus of therapy is on how you are thinking (your "cognitions"), behaving, and relating in your life, currently. In other words, cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) focuses more on the present and less on early childhood experiences. Of course, childhood experiences help shape a person's belief system, are significant, and often warrant exploration and discussion. Many patients take comfort in knowing that numerous studies have shown CBT to be a highly effective and efficient way to treat a host of challenges ranging from depressed mood to social anxiety to poor health behaviors.


 I am starting a new high-functioning group for women who wish to focus on self-improvement and growth in a stimulating, warm, and intelligent therapeutic community.