Ellysa Arias

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

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  • Clinical Social Work/Therapist
    New York


Bay Shore, NY 11706
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Telephone: 6314643737

I believe every participant deserves a therapist that can acknowledge the whole person and your experiences —including any hate, discrimination, bias, ‘phobias, and ‘isms you may be facing.

I celebrate and support you. I understand that searching for a therapist and seeking therapy can feel heavy. It can be especially difficult for those who belong to a marginalized community or often feel judged. Here I practice cultural sensitivity and inclusivity- embracing all the nuances that makes you, you. 

Affirming therapy honors and explores the intersectionality of your identity and how it relates to or impacts your life experiences and emotional wellbeing. Whether it is a space for you to safely explore yourself or an opportunity to help you feel heard, respected, and understood—wherever you are in your spiritual journey- I am here for you. 

Together we co- create a sacred space in which the therapeutic relationship is powerfully rooted  in the foundational structure for the deep work that emerges.

 Each person is treated with compassion, dignity, and respect in radical acceptance.  Each individual healing process is honored by moving at a pace that on wants with one’s needs.

If you are struggling with either general stress, anxiety, depression, anger, loss, grief, lack of direction, lack of self-esteem, racial identity, family dynamics, imposter syndrome, career changes, parenting, emerging adults, empaths,or any out of the ordinary experience, our work together will uncover the hidden treasures within each of these difficult experiences and use them as a catalyst for healing and transformation.

 Through this process of deep healing, we can begin to free ourselves from historical conditioning of intergenerational trauma and create a life WE want. By releasing the past, we can begin to navigate a new direction for our lives. We will do dig deep, and release you of your past. 

In this personal freedom, you will speak from the wholeness of your truth, leaving nothing out. Your mind, body and soul will journey home to your authentic self. Vibrant and whole.