Missy Fogarty

Art Therapist, MA, MT-BC, LCAT

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  • Art Therapist
    New York

I am passionate about helping people feel better and improve their lives through theraapy, and music! If you’re an adult, I can help you improve your life  with issues pertaining to anxiety, depression, addiction and everyday stress related to work, family and relationships. I’ve also worked with children with autism and other developmental delays, fully accepting them as they are and treating each child with the dignity and respect they deserve. I also work with parents who might be struggling with relating to their neurodiverse child.

If you are struggling with identity issues or issues pertaining to coming out or any LGBTQ concern, I can work with you on wherever you are in your journey towards a path of full acceptance and love for who you are. In any and all of these issues, utilizing music is available to you to help deepen your emotional experience, even if you have no musical training whatsoever. We can always just talk – I’m here for your voice, in whatever way you choose to bring it – or I can help you find it!