Women’s Mental Health Consortium 

We are delighted in your interest in the Women’s Mental Health Consortium (WMHC), a volunteer-run organization. Membership is open to licensed mental health professionals (Clinical Social Work/Therapists, Licensed Creative Art Therapists, Limited License Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Master Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts and Psychologists) in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

WMHC’s mission is:

“To foster collegiality and knowledge among clinicians and researchers committed to the complexity of women’s mental health throughout the lifecycle. Members focus on general aspects of emotional well­being as well as specific areas such as the psychological impact of reproductive experiences, sexuality and gender­related conflicts”

Full membership entitles you to:

  1. Access to in-person meetings focused on WMHC business and educational presentations by members and guest speakers. These meetings enrich the development of the WMHC community as well as our direction as an organization.
  2. An open invitation to join any one of our committee groups or task forces (Social Action, Education, Events, Inclusion & Belonging) which help to define the organization and ensure its smooth operation.
  3. Access to training webinars that provide continuing education units, free to members.
  4. Professional use of this website. Membership provides you with access to and listing as a mental health provider referral within the WMHC and for the general public on the WMHC website. Please feel free to explore it at your convenience.
  5. Professional use of the WMHC email system of mental health clinicians. The email system enables you to address the WMHC members as a group via email and to receive updates on WMHC activities. While the email system serves as a wonderful educational and referral tool for the WMHC community, it is strongly urged that all members use discretion regarding the information conveyed via emails. Please see the guidelines for more information. 

Requirements of WMHC Membership include:

  1. Completion of Membership Application
  2. Annual Membership Fee of $100 paid by credit card on this site.
  3. A copy of your licensure/registration to practice annually, as well an update of membership information as needed (e.g. address, affiliation, etc.). Please note that it can take up to two weeks after application submission for us to verify your license.

Our membership is currently full. 

We are excited about our tremendous growth over the last couple of years and the commitment of our members to improving mental health in our corner of the world. We are temporarily  pausing our membership intake process at this time so that we can continue to support the members we have, and create a stronger community.