Marianna Strongin

Psychologist, Psy.D.

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  • Psychologist
    New York

I am a licensed clinical psychologist trained to treat mood disorders, life transitional issues, relationship problems and help understand and recognize unhealthy life patterns. Together we work on treating the problem, recognize the effects it has on your life and working toward a different more effective experience.

I have a particular interest and specialty in perinatal mood disorders, parental issues and infertility. I believe everyone’s journey to parenthood is a unique one and I am especially honored to be a part of it.

Through exploration of feelings, behaviors and life choices I help my clients become stronger and more confident individuals. I believe that we all seek a place where we can begin to take the shield off and therapy is a space where my clients can openly divulge and feel safe while receiving adequate support and advice.

I also treat relationship, financial, family, mood, and workplace problems. I provide time limited therapy so that individuals do not have to spend a life time in therapy, but rather can learn from the experience and go on to face the real world independently.