Jennifer Stone

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

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  • Clinical Social Work/Therapist
    New York


41 Union Square West, Suite 1223
New York, NY 10003
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Telephone: 732-492-8430


I have a BA in psychology and government from Franklin and Marshall College and a Master of Arts in Social Work from New York University. I completed extensive training in the area of cognitive therapy from the Beck Institute and am certified in Trial Based Cognitive Therapy (TBCT) after training with Dr. Irismar Reis de Oliveira MD, PhD and continued training with Academy of Cognitive Therapy Trainers. 

My clinical background has also been in the areas of problem solving treatment and behavioral activation. These types of treatment work either as stand-alone types of treatment or as complements to Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

I am specialized in using CBT to assist clients who are having problems with depression and anxiety as well as other problems getting in the way of feeling happy such as building confidence, adjustment into life after college or moving to New York, weight loss and general stress management.

My previous experience was working within community health and mental health centers aimed to serve the under-served throughout New York City. I worked alongside primary care physicians and psychiatry staff to attain a holistic view of a person looking at their medical, psycho-social, and social needs. Through my years working in community health centers, I polished management skills, provided, and completed training in a variety of areas from working with clients with suicidality and trauma to maximizing services at bustling mental health clinics while also providing exceptional clinical care to some of the most fragile clients in NYC- Quite a challenge and absolutely necessary! One of my passions is serving as a clinical supervisor and mentor to therapists and students completing their clinical degrees. These experiences fortified my interest in providing CBT- only now with a lot more real-world experience and from a variety of perspectives.