Julia Werman Zwerin

Master Social Worker, LMSW

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  • Master Social Worker
    New York

My interest in therapy began in high school, when I was trained as a peer counselor and worked on a teen suicide hotline. Like many of my colleagues, I was the friend whom classmates confided in and looked to for advice. As a young adult in New York City, I began to explore my own history and behavioral patterns in therapy. Over the years I’ve explored numerous self-reflective and therapeutic modalities, through which I’ve developed a depth of understanding and compassion regarding human behavior. I am deeply fulfilled by the work I do, and I find that my clients recognize and appreciate our mutual investment and collaborative relationship.
I work with adults, primarily ages 20's, 30's, 40's, to help resolve relationship issues, reduce emotional distress, and explore feelings that may manifest as depression, unhappiness, or anxiety. I have worked in inpatient rehabilitation programs, out-patient settings and in clients' homes. 
I work closely with my clients to achieve their goals by helping to implement sustainable plans with concrete tools. I encourage my clients to explore their personal roadblocks to overcome destructive patterns. I provide a safe space for my clients seeking a sounding-board and support to facilitate their transition and reach personal goals.