Justena Kavanagh

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R

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Beginning therapy can be daunting but ultimately very rewarding. If you're feeling anxious or depressed, struggling in your relationships, or finding that your life, which appears to be okay from the outside, has left you unfulfilled, know that you can move past the pain, frustration, lack of direction, self-doubt, disappointment, or mediocrity. There is enormous opportunity to improve your life by understanding how the past has affected your current perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions. The best way to choose the right therapist is to trust your instinct. I am happy to help you find a great therapist.

I have an eclectic, relational, psychodynamic approach informed by a variety of theoretical orientations, which allows me to use the specific techniques that work best for each client or couple and are in sync with the client's preferences. I speak Spanish, French and German.

I have a BA in Psychology from Dartmouth, Phi Beta Kappa. I am an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at NYU's graduate school and was a university professor of psychology in Madrid, where I was also in private practice. I am constantly deepening my clinical skills through on-going training.