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    New York


220 5th Ave
New York, NY 10001
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Telephone: 6463975456

As a board-certified psychiatrist and therapist, I help my patients to reduce stress levels and improve the quality of their lives through compassionate, comprehensive treatment. Although I work with both men and women, I am passionate about helping women struggling with anxiety and mood symptoms occurring with pregnancy, infertility, menses, and menopause.

Women are often expected to be strong during these life-altering events and may feel ashamed when they find themselves experiencing apprehension and uncomfortable changes in their mood and body. I offer women empathetic care that integrates therapy, medication (when necessary), and collaboration with their other health providers including OBGYNs and primary care doctors. I believe in treating my patients as whole persons, taking both their mental and physical health into consideration. As everyone is unique, I work with my clients to develop tailored, holistic treatment plans which may involve recommendations for exercise, eating right, meditation, yoga, and other wellness treatments in addition to my direct care.