Joshua Tal

Psychologist, PhD

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347 466 7432


  • Psychologist
    New York


49 W. 86th St.
New York, NY 10024
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Telephone: 347 466 7432

I'm a psychologist who is caring and direct. Sleeping issues are one of my specialties, especially severe, chronic insomnia. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT:I) to help you to get the sleep your body needs. CBT:I works. In fact, 85% of CBT:I clients will increase their sleep by at least 1 hour with as little as 4-8 sessions. Stop letting your worries or your medications dictate your sleep. Let's work together so you can reclaim ownership of your sleep.
I also offer treatments to individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and other mind/body health challenges, with sensitivity to social and biological influences. I use compassion and support to help you understand your problems, while providing concrete coping skills and evidence based tools to help when not in session.
I studied sleep, women's health and addiction treatments under top clinicians and researchers at Stanford University and VA hospitals across the country. I will use my training to empower you to make long lasting improvements in your life. Call me and together we'll build yourself a life worth living.