Provider Directory

Madeline Cooper

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Madeline Cooper is a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT certified sex therapist licensed in New York and New Jersey, specializing in sex therapy with individuals and couples. Madeline has a deep understanding of the shame and stigma surrounding sexuality, intimacy, and relationship problems, and works to give her clients a safe space to talk through and develop coping skills to handle these issues.

Sarah H. Mandel

Psychologist, Psy.D.

Dr. Sarah Mandel is a licensed clinical psychologist who works with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, and life transitions. With a specialization in maternal mental health, she works with individuals and couples who are seeking to conceive, are currently pregnant, postpartum, or have experienced pregnancy loss or stressful birth experience. Dr. Mandel is an LGBT affirmative psychologist.

Alessandra Mikic

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW

*I am accepting new online clients. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation on my website: I look forward to meeting you!*

Do you struggle with asking for what you want, saying no, and want to feel more confident and empowered? Do you want to communicate with more ease and authenticity? Do you feel insecure or anxious in romantic relationships, or find yourself questioning your worth and repeating negative patterns? Maybe you’re aware of these things and you’ve tried to change but don’t know how. Maybe you don’t believe that change is possible. Humans have evolved to flourish, but sometimes we get tripped up in the process of becoming who we want to be. This is normal, but it’s uncomfortable at best and painful at worst - and there is a solution for it.

Blossoming into the person you want to be means letting go of old stuff that’s no longer serving you. It also asks you to embrace your hopes and dreams. Both of these processes can be challenging. I’m here to do this work with you, at a pace that feels right to you. It’s not just my job but my honor and delight to accompany you on this journey.

I am trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), an effective form of empirically-supported psychotherapy. I would be honored to support you in clarifying your goals, calming your anxiety, stepping into your confidence, improving your communication, and living your best life. I look forward to connecting to create the future you want.

Sarah Damsky

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who completed post-graduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy. I maintain a private practice in Psychotherapy in New York City and work with students with disabilities at Columbia University. I am also a Certified Yoga Instructor and my understanding of the mind-body connection underlies my holistic approach. I work with many college students, emerging adults/20s and mothers. I am in the process of completing training on Perinatal Mood Disorders and loss with the Seleni Institute.

Susan Resek

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R

Ms. Susan Resek, LCSW-R, is a graduate of the Advanced Family Therapy Clinical Externship Program at the Ackerman Institute for the Family and a graduate of the Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapy Programs of NYU School of Medicine's psychoanalytic institute, PANY (Psychoanalytic Association of New York). Ms. Resek has over 20 years of clinical and supervisory experience working with individuals, couples, and families addressing a wide range of issues. Currently, Ms. Resek is on the teaching and administrative faculty at PANY and is in full-time private practice.

Erin Finnerty

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

I am a psychotherapist practicing in downtown Brooklyn, where I see adults and adolescents for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, life transitions, parenting, and self-esteem. I have training in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and I offer outdoor walking therapy sessions.

Lisa Morse

Psychologist, Ph.D.

I am a NY state licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been treating individuals and couples for over 15 years. My psychotherapy practice focuses on helping adults target specific issues and guiding and supporting them as they make the necessary changes to improve their lives. In my work I incorporate cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic theory and technique. I specialize in anxiety disorders, depression, parenting and relationship issues. I also consults to corporations on hiring and human resources.

Flora Margolis

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Flora Margolis is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Brooklyn working with pregnant women, new moms & dads, and couples struggling through the early parenting years.

Cara B. Hanover

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

I am a psychotherapist practicing on the Upper East Side and in Bergen County, NJ. I work with individuals, couples, and families, specializing in cancer/chronic illness, anxiety spectrum disorders (including OCD), grief and loss, caregiver support, life transitions, women’s issues, relationship/family conflict

Laura Schneebaum

Mental Health Counselor

Laura Schneebaum is a licensed mental health counselor and a national certified counselor. She takes a client centered, strengths based approach to working with clients. She places great importance on learning about the client’s identity, culture, and environment to create an individualized approach for each client. She believes the therapeutic process and relationship can be inherently healing and empowering for her clients.

Diana Hofshi, Ph. D.


I'm a licensed clinical psychologist practicing on the Upper West Side. Areas of special interest to me include: depression, anxiety, problems related to sexuality, relationship issues, trauma, women’s health issues, couples work, expanding creativity/artist treatment, and individual work with adolescents and adults.

Areas in which I’ve received specialized training include: attachment theory and research; differential diagnosis; contemporary psychoanalytic theory; CBT and DBT protocols; and attitude research and theory, particularly attitudes about sexuality and sexual identity.

I received my undergraduate degree from Brown University and my Ph.D. from the Derner Institute at Adelphi University; completed my internship at North Central Bronx Hospital; and completed my Postdoctoral Fellowship at The New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.

Olivia Bergeron

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Specializing in perinatal mental health, Olivia has offices in Park Slope and Union Square. She has helped hundreds of new and pregnant clients facing challenges such as depression, anxiety, work and family stressors, adapting to becoming a parent, etc. Olivia is also a certified Peaceful Parenting Coach, one of only 15 practitioners around the world trained by Dr. Laura Markham.

Theresa Sturley

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

I'm a psychodynamic, EMDR therapist based in Brooklyn Heights. I help people overcome relationship issues, work struggles, divorce, parenting difficulties, divorce, grief, infertility and loss of many kinds. I also treat many different kinds of trauma that may be underlying a feeling of stuckness that is getting in the way of leading an optimal life.

Kathleen Niegocki


My goal is to help you feel empowered to live a more authentic, connected, and joyful life. I love helping people who are experiencing stressful life transitions, difficulties in relationships, problems with work-life balance, disordered eating, body image concerns, poor self-esteem, perfectionism, and loss (including death of a parent).