Provider Directory

Jacqueline Hermida

Mental Health Counselor, P.D., LMHC, C-IAYT

Jacqueline Hermida has decades of experience teaching and counseling individuals of all ages and abilities. Through a whole-person approach and the integration of various cultural teachings that subtly culminate into a unified paradigm, individuals are guided and empowered to heal, transform, and self-actualize.

Anne Cutler

Psychoanalyst, LP, Psya.D

Anne Cutler has been in private practice as a psychoanalyst since 1991 in Manhattan, NY. In her practice, she works with individuals and couples. She works with adults and adolescents, and specializes in dealing with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. She also has a specialty in working with dreams. She is a graduate of NPAP.

Batya Novick

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Batya Novick, LCSW specializes in in fertility and couples therapy. Batya founded The Calla Collective to be a destination of expertise around reproductive and relational health, to provide a sense of understanding, support and guidance.

Jacqueline Cahalan

Psychologist, Ph.D.

Dr. Jacqueline Cahalan is a New York State Licensed Psychologist who specializes in providing parents with consultation, education, therapy, and support via her exclusively telehealth-based private practice. Dr. Cahalan has her Ph.D. in School Psychology from New York University and a background in child and adolescent development and mental health that she utilizes to provide research-based guidance and practical strategies for navigating the challenges of parenting.

Rebecca Marcus Mangerel

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

I provide Holistic Therapy for Millennial and Gen Z Women who are struggling with dating and relationships and help them to date with clarity, tame their anxiety,
and build healthy, fulfilling relationships and a meaningful life.

Caroline Geelan

Psychiatrist, D.O.

I am a double board certified psychiatrist who specializes in the medication management of mental health conditions in adults, adolescents and children, namely mood related disorders, anxiety disorders and symptoms stemming from trauma, family conflicts and relationship stressors, and ADHD.

Currently all appointments are via telemedicine.

Alison Kalfus

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Alison Kalfus is the Co-Director of the Family and Couples Treatment Service, a division
of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy, in NYC. She is also in private practice, treating individuals and couples. Sub-specialties include post-partum issues, parenting, and addictive disorders.

Julia Laplaza

Mental Health Counselor, LMHC

I specialize in working with college students and young adults in the workforce struggling to cope with anxiety, relationship difficulties, and navigating what it means to become an adult with increased responsibilities, pressures, and decisions.

Heather Foster

Licensed Creative Art Therapist, LCAT, ATR-BC

I focus on working with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and life transitions through the use of verbal psychotherapy, parts work, EMDR, and art/music.

Laura Bhatt

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Laura Bhatt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York City. Practicing for a decade, she has worked in a variety of mental health settings, specializing in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Mara Heiman-Sunshine

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R

I am an experienced psychoanalyst, couples therapist, clinical supervisor/consultant and integrative psychotherapist in private practice in NYC. I work with adults, adolescents, children, couples and groups with issues that include anxiety, depression, ADD, fertility, pregnancy loss, postpartum adjustment, parenting, relationships, work, school/learning difficulties, creativity blocks, eating disorders, chronic and acute medical illness. grief, infidelity and life transitions. I also provide clinical supervision for early and mid-career clinicians in the field.

Robin Luband


I am a licensed psychodynamically trained clinical psychologist with a second degree in Developmental Psychology. I have over 15 years experience working with childen, teens, parents and young adults. I see a range of presenting problems in my practice including emotional dysregulation, frustration tolerance, attachment issues, adjustment disorder, adoption, loss, divorce, anxiety, ARFID, attentional difficulties, and interpersonal or familial conflict. I work mostly in-person with children, but also provide virtual therapy as needed and with older teens and adults. I am an out of network provider.

Lauren Bronstein

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing virtually in New York and New Jersey. My focus is on providing individual therapy to adults struggling with a cancer diagnosis or other chronic illnesses, caregiving, grief, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, work stress, and women's issues. Before becoming a Social Worker I had a career in finance, so I can also provide therapy and career counseling to individuals working in high-stress environments.

Sara Steinberg

Psychologist, PhD

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of adolescents, young adults, and adults. I have expertise in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and mindfulness-based approaches.